I'm worried about visitors

You may have mixed feelings about having visitors when you get home from the unit. This is understandable, and you should do whatever makes you most comfortable.

When you get home

Our information, written with input from families, will help you know what to expect, including about visitors, family and friends.

Common infectious illnesses

You may be worried about visitors passing on colds. You can find out more information about how this can be avoided and what to look out for.

How you might be feeling

Our information might help you with the different emotions many people feel around leaving the unit.

Support available when you get home

Leaving the unit can mean adjusting to a new routine and life as a family. Our information about support at home might be helpful, along with information and support provided by other organisations.

I would like someone to talk to

You're not alone. Find out what emotional and practical support is available including email and video calls. Our trained staff are here to help you through this journey.

Find out more

You can also sign up to receive information and support from Bliss.