What do I do if my baby is unwell?

Find out what to do if you think your premature or sick baby is becoming unwell after leaving the neonatal unit.

I’m worried my baby is unwell

If you think your baby is unwell, you should speak to a medical professional. Don’t hesitate to call your GP or NHS 111.

Call 999 immediately if you think your baby is seriously ill.

How will I know if my baby is becoming unwell, and what should I do if I’m worried?

Our information tells you what to look out for, and how to find help.

What medical support will there be when I leave the unit

Our information about medical support should help you know who is there to help you care for your baby when you leave the unit.

I would like someone to talk to

You're not alone. Find out what emotional and practical support is available including email and video calls. Our trained staff are here to help you through this journey.

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