I am feeling overwhelmed

Having a baby born needing neonatal care can be an overwhelming experience. It can be difficult to know where to look for information, who to ask, and what to do, even if you have been on the unit for a little while. See below for some suggestions.

More information about neonatal care

Our information about neonatal care will tell you more about the unit, levels of care and what you might experience, such as transfers, and how to prepare to leave.

Your mental health and wellbeing

Find out more about how you might be feeling, and what to do if you need support.

Parents’ and carers' Stories

We have many stories from parents and carers who have been through a neonatal experience. These might help you know what to expect, and see that you’re not alone.

Looking after your baby on the neonatal unit

Our information about looking after your baby on the neonatal unit might help you know what you can do, and help build your confidence, so that you are as involved as you want to be.

I would like to talk to someone at Bliss

We are here to help you with emotional and practical support.

Get in touch at hello@bliss.org.uk

We are here Monday to Friday, except bank holidays.