I'm getting into debt and it's affecting my mental health

If you find that your financial situation is leading to you getting into debt it can feel incredibly stressful and worrying especially while you are trying to care for your baby on the neonatal unit. Find out more below.

Or take a step back to I need help with feeling worried about my finances

What should I do?

It's so important to get some support in place to help you manage your debt and mental health. By doing so, you will feel more in control, and be able to focus your time and energy on being with your baby.

It can be really hard to know where to start if you are feeling completely overwhelmed. What will help you is very individual so you may prefer to ask for support from friends and family or someone else in your community.

If you are feeling really low or anxious, it's important to also seek professional health, by speaking to a healthcare professional on the unit or your GP.

Or you might want to get some advice from mental health charities as a starting point.

Remember you are not alone. Having these conversations can be hard at first, but by sharing your worries it's the first step to finding support that will help you.

Getting urgent help with your mental health

If you think you need urgent support with your mental health, including if you’ve had thoughts of suicide or self-harm, there is help available. You can contact listening services, like the Samaritans on 116 123 or text SHOUT to 85258. If you feel that you cannot keep yourself safe or are at risk of serious harm or injury, call 999.

I would like to talk to someone at Bliss

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