I need help with food costs in hospital

When you are spending long hours in hospital with your baby it can be a huge challenge to look after your own needs such as making sure you are eating well. Many parents find themselves grabbing food on the go but this can be expensive. Find out more below.

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How can I save money on food in hospital?

Some hospitals are able to provide vouchers which can be used to buy food in hospital cafes, and restaurants. Some hospitals are also able to provide meals to families.

Most neonatal units have kitchen facilities for families where you might be able to reheat food from home for example.

There is also a charity called Ronald McDonald House that could provide accommodation close to Noah's Ark Children's Hospital in Cardiff. Some local charities or Ronald McDonald House can also provide day passes so you can use any facilities and have a place to cook even if there isn't space to stay overnight.

Asking family or friends for help

Family and friends will want to support you through this time and it can be helpful for them if you make practical suggestions of things that will make a difference.

If you feel comfortable, you could ask them to help by bringing in food or making you a daily lunch bag. You could offer to pay for the food they bring for you. This type of practical support can save you money and make sure you eat regularly.

You may already have a lot of support with people providing you with meals at home, but they may not have specifically thought about what you need to eat in hospital, so you could suggest it as an alternative way of helping.

What you ask for help with from families and friends is up to you. It's very individual and personal so don't worry if this doesn't feel comfortable as an option for you.

Saving money on food on the go

You can sometimes reduce costs by looking at loyalty cards and apps that help you save money on buying food. If you're buying hot drinks for example, some coffee chains will offer loyalty cards that provide free drinks after a certain amount of purchases. You could share these with families and friends that visit.

You could look out for meal deals and loyalty cards in supermarkets or shops nearby to the hospital which may be cheaper.

There are also some apps which provide daily offers on food that would otherwise go to waste. You can download these apps to your phone and find out what's available in the area you are in. Take a look at some of the apps below.

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