I am worried about the cost of travel for family and friends

If you are being taken to the hospital by family or friends, you may worry about any costs they are paying for such as increased fuel or parking costs.

How else can I help my family or friends save money on travel costs?

It may be that you could help pay towards any costs that your family or friends might be needing to cover, such as fuel or parking. This is a very personal decision and it might not feel appropriate to offer. You may not have money available for this, or your family or friends may decline.

There are options for saving money that you might want to share with your family or friends.


Fuel is expensive but there’s a handy list of tips on how to save fuel on Money Saving Expert which includes ways to make your car more efficient and a tool to find the cheapest fuel available.

Free hospital parking

All hospitals in Scotland provide free parking. However often the car parks can be busy, and it may be that sometimes you find it hard to find a parking space. Or there may be limits on the amount of time you can stay in each car park.

It might be worth asking a member of staff on the neonatal unit if they can offer any advice on parking or know who or where to direct you to find out more. You can also check the hospital website as they should have information on parking such as different car parks, time limits and if you need to display tickets.

Young Patients Family Fund

The Young Patients Family Fund is available if you normally live in Scotland and if you are the parent or carer of a baby in neonatal care. It can help help with your costs of travel and food while your baby is in hospital.

You can make a claim as soon as your baby is admitted to the neonatal unit, and you can claim for costs from your time on the unit up to 3 months after your baby is discharged.

The fund is available for all families with anyone under 18 in hospital and has replaced the Neonatal Expenses Fund.

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