I am worried about managing or getting into debt

If your baby is in hospital, it can have a sudden impact on your finances. You may already have existing debt that is suddenly more difficult to manage, or find yourself getting into debt because of the pressure on your finances. Find out more below.

Or take a step back to I need help with feeling worried about my finances.

What can I do to manage debt whilst my baby is in hospital?

When your baby is in hospital it can make it really challenging to manage your finances. It's really important to be know that there is support out there for the situation you are in.

You could ask staff on the unit if they know where you might be able to go for support on managing debt - they are used to these types of questions and know the importance of supporting you so you can be with your baby.

There is also the StepChange charity who have useful information on how to make a budget as well as a free budget template that you might find helpful. If you need help with debt, they also provide free advice through a helpline you can call on 0800 138 1111 or a 24/7 online debt advice service.

You can also contact the free advice helpline at Advice NI.

Talking to someone about your money and debt worries

Everyone's situation is different and talking about debt and money can feel really personal. But often it's a good idea to share your situation with someone. This might be a friend, a member of your family, or it could be from a debt advice charity or organisation.

Talking to someone can help you identify a plan to manage your debt and allow you to focus your time and energy on being with your baby.

You might want to seek professional advice and we've listed some options below.

We understand that for some people it wouldn't feel appropriate to talk about your finances with someone you don't know. You could also talk to a trusted friend or family member, or it may be that a member of your local community such as through a faith group provides a good listening ear.

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