I am feeling stressed about my finances

Having a baby on a neonatal unit is a stressful time. It's common to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Being worried about your finances can make these feelings worse. There are things you can do which might help. Find out more below.

Or take a step back to explore for other help with managing finances.

What can I do if I am feeling stressed or worried about my finances?

Talking to someone can be a really good first step to help you manage how you are feeling.

It might be a friend, a family member or someone else you know in your community. Or you may find it easier to talk to someone like a healthcare professional on the unit, or your GP.

Many units have counsellors or other wellbeing support available for families. You can speak to them about anything, including your financial worries. Look for posters on the unit or information on the noticeboards, or ask another member of staff if you’d like more information.

Talking about the issue might help you understand your emotions better and identify exactly what is worrying you the most so you can do something to help.

You might want to book a video call with a Bliss Champion who knows how it feels to be on a unit. Bliss also offers help via social media, you can search for BlissCharity on Facebook and Instagram.

You could join the Bliss Support Group for parents of babies born premature and sick, a private Facebook group for parents. The group is a great way to connect online with parents of premature and sick babies who share their stories and support each other through difficult times.

You may also want to consider getting support from mental health charities who have free advice and support available.

Getting practical support about your finances

Getting practical support to help you manage your finances might help you to feel less worried.

You might prefer to do this with someone you know and trust, like a good friend, or someone in your community or faith group.

Or there are organisations that offer free support, information and advice on finance such as Citizens Advice. Many organisations work across the whole country, and often there are charities working in the local area too. The healthcare team will be able to help, but here are some suggestions.

Getting urgent help with your mental health

If you think you need urgent support with your mental health, including if you’ve had thoughts of suicide or self-harm, there is help available. You can contact listening services, like the Samaritans on 116 123 or text SHOUT to 85258. If you feel that you cannot keep yourself safe or are at risk of serious harm or injury, call 999.

I would like to talk to someone at Bliss

We are here to help you with emotional and practical support.

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